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image here Posted : 18 Aug 2017
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One of the most important part of the car is the part that transfers the force developed by the engine to the wheels to help them rotate. This moves the car forward. The best way to maintain your car in good shape is to anticipate the repairs. You can begin with the check for the condition of the axle first.

Use simple tests

You can check for the condition of your car axle by performing simple tests. One is to look for noises – bumping, clicking, or grinding noises when you make the turn at the corners. If you know for sure that your axle is broken, do not drive the car. Get it fixed first and then take the car. The most probable cause for the clicking noises will be a broken CV joint. You can do the axles repair for your car in MA by choosing a good car repair shop.

To check whether the CV joint is good or not, go to an open area and drive the car through a tight circle to the right. Then, turn the steering wheel in the opposite direction and again run the car. If you hear noises then the CV joint is not good. Another sign to watch out for is the vibration in the wheel. When you drive, if you have a feeling that the wheels are bent or something, then it probably means that your axle is in a bad shape.

Manually check the condition

When the axle is worn out it will have more movement than usual. For this, you must look under the car. When the car is hoisted and suspended (when you have your car washed) try to move the axle. It must move only ½ inch or so. If it moves more than this, then it means the axle is worn out. You need to replace it soon.

For more idea on what is going wrong, you must learn about the types of axles. There are three – the front axle, the rear axle, and the stub axle. At the points where the axle is supported, you have bearings or bushings. To do car axles repair MA has many mechanic shops who will give you full support to repair the axle.

Different types of rear axles

The rear axle is of three types – Full floating, Semi-floating, and Three-quarter floating. You can identify the full-floating rear axle by the protruding hub which provides the bolting for the axle shaft flange. When the vehicle is lighter, you will find the semi-floating axle. Normally, this is for vehicles that are lesser than ½ ton. Light trucks and SUVs will fall in this category. The three-quarter axle has only one bearing at the outer end. This bearing supports the wheel hub located at the centre.

When the technicians at the mechanic shop technician finds any fault with the axle, he will inform you and you can decide what to do. If there are minor damages only, you can get it fixed immediately with the help of the technician. If the axle is completely broken then you must replace it with a new one.





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