How To Change Your Car Battery?

image here Posted : 02 Aug 2017
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Replacing the battery of your car is something most people can do. It is vital to keep a check on the life of your car battery and replace it in time, to avoid getting stranded.

If you can change the battery on your own, it is well and good.  If not, you can consult best car Batteries charging shop MA.

Here are some tips to replace your battery:

  • Get ready the material: this includes safety glasses, ratchet plus extension, gloves, boiling water and sockets of various sizes.
  • Secure car in safe place: Do your job while car is parked in a safe place, like far from traffic.
  • Turn off car: Put on the brake for parking and keep car completely off.
  • Identify battery: Prise the hood open and keep secure using hood prop. You must clearly see the battery or remove a cover above it.
  • Check age of battery: this indicates the time for replacing it. Majority of batteries require changing every 3 to 5 years.
  • Check headlights of car:  Dimness of vehicle lights indicate need to change batteries.
  • Check battery for any corrosion: A visual inspection of the battery will help evaluate its state. Look out for corroded battery terminals and build up of sulfate- that is a white colored powder an indicator of poor connection. Cleaning battery terminals occasionally can help overcome poor connection. Use gloves to keep your hands protected.
  • Check battery with volt meter: You can use a volt meter to check your battery. For this, out off car and its lights and keep negative meter on negative terminal and positive meter on positive terminal. A reading of below 11.8 volts reveals a battery that is discharged.
  • Protect yourself from sulfates: Put on gloves and safety glasses to protect from sulfate powder.
  •  Remove battery hold down: using proper sized socket, with racket and extension, remove the bracket which secures battery to vehicle.
  • Remove negative and positive terminals: using proper size of socket as well as ratchet, loosen and detach both terminals.
  • Remove battery from car: It is a physically tough task and must be done carefully.
  • Clean battery terminals: use boiling water to clean the terminals of the battery. This removes sulfate powder or corrosion.
  • Install new battery: Keeping a proper posture, place the new battery inside the holder with great care. Making use of the ratchet and proper sized socket,  do re-installing of  the battery hold down to make sure securing of battery to vehicle.
  • One must secure positive and negative: Keep the positive terminal on the post of battery such that it is secured completely near the post’s bottom. This prevents future corrosion. Do the same using the negative terminal.
  • Turn key on: Get inside your vehicle, keep the door shut, turn the key to switch on status but don’t as yet start operating the car. You must wait thus for 60 seconds.
  • Start the car: After passing of 60 seconds, the car can be started. If the car jumps open and starts with no problems, and all lights can be turned open, you have achieved success- completed the task of changing your battery!

If you are stuck at any step, you can always consult car battery charging service MA.





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