How To Avoid Head-Long And Rear End Car Collisions

image here Posted : 13 Jun 2017
Posted By : Smith

The rate of accidents is growing worldwide. Hundreds of persons lose their lives every year because of car accidents. Accidents can occur via head-on or through rear end collisions.

If you are involved in a car collision, you must avail of your car insurance and do an online search for ‘car collision repair near me’.

Head On Collisions

Mostly they occur because of bad decision making, intoxication, fatigue or distraction related to drivers. Another risk is a curvy road, though head on collisions on straight roads are more common.

Here are some precautions for avoiding head on collisions or reducing their impact:

  • Reduce speed:

Don’t lose control over vehicle by braking as fast as causing you to skid. Slow down at a level that is utmost possible. In case there is a collision, this step will reduce the resulting damage and the risk of death.

  • Drive to the right:

If driver in front is swerving towards your lane and you have slowed down, always drive to the right of the road. This enables the driver in front to pass by you and avoid collision. There is also the chance that driver realizes his mistake and will try to correct it. In any case, it is always good to stay as right as possible.

  • Be prepared:

If you keep to the right before the vehicle in front, you have greater chances of avoiding collision. In case you cannot avoid hitting a solid object, avoid hitting it head-on.

Rear End Collision:

This is   a case when a vehicle is hit from behind- whether it is moving or is stationary. Common cause of such accidents is when vehicles come to a halt at traffic lights that are changing. Such accidents are caused either by aggression or negligence.

Here are some tips to avoid such collisions:

  • Maintaining vehicle:

When you and all others maintain vehicles properly, risk of accidents is reduced drastically. Taking care of various aspects like tail lights, braking systems and car tires enhance safety in the road.

  • Keep safe distance for braking:

The rule is that during heavy traffic, the car driver must be able to see rear tires of vehicles in front which is the minimum distance between two vehicles. In case speeds are higher like in case of highways, this minimum distance needs to be increased. Keeping a safe distance will permit gentle slow down of vehicle without indulging in panic braking. You also avoid skidding of vehicle which can result in a major accident.

  • Use rear-view mirror:

Get into habit of looking at the rear view mirror through peripheral vision. The risk of rear –end collisions is much reduced through this wise habit.

  • Give proper signals:

When you are turning or over taking, provide drivers behind you sufficient time for noticing and reacting. In case, traffic in front of you happens to slow down, you must gently tap your brakes. Meanwhile glowing of tail lamps will provide an alert to vehicles behind. When you decide to overtake, observe first in the side-view mirrors and provide proper turn indicators to let others know that you are changing lanes.

These are some tips to avoid both head-on and rear-end collisions. But if a collision does happen, you can contact car collision repair shops in your vicinity by searching online.





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