Do's And Don'ts After A Car Collision

image here Posted : 06 Jul 2017
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No one would like to encounter a car collision. But with rising traffic on road and bad driving habits of many, even the most careful driver is sure to encounter a car collision in his/ her lifetime.

Though you cannot avoid an accident, you can take some steps on how to deal with the situation properly and  avoid certain types of behavior.

Here are some do’s after a car collision:

  • Take deep breaths: Based on the nature of the crash, you might be unconscious or sense a sudden rush of stress and adrenaline. Take  a moment to breathe deeply and clear your mind.
  • Take care of other passengers: Call out to other passengers in the car. If you don’t get an answer, take a deep breath, exit the car and rush to the help of other injured parties in the car. Take out and use a first aid kit for this purpose.
  • Contact emergency services: Call for an ambulance if you or someone else is in need. Distribute first aid kit to injured parties. In case, the offending vehicle which caused the crash  has left without notice, you need to alert the police. Also get help by logging into results of online search for ‘car collision repair near me’.
  • Stay comfortable at the spot: After doing all necessary help for those involved in accident, find a comfortable place to rest while you wait for emergency services. During this period of rest, collect all valuable information like names, phone numbers and license plates of vehicles involved and any witness.
  • Contact personal services: Consult your personal injury lawyer and insurance company as soon as you are ready. Do this as soon as you reach home as the conversation with these may take long. To build your case, ensure that you give phone numbers and names of all involved in the crash.
  • Take off time : you may suffer from many injuries and experience a rush of adrenaline after a crash. Consult a doctor to check for any internal injuries. Take medical help if you sense any intense pain in the body.

Here  are some don’ts after the collision:

  • Don’t neglect the consequences: While the collision is a traumatic event, the hardest part comes is the aftermath. Hence you must make preliminary arrangements, such as getting medical and legal help. See a doctor right away if you have any persistent medical problems after the crash. If the other driver is threatening legal action, you will need to consult your own lawyer. Also ensure registering for your insurance claim as fast as possible.
  • Don’t forget documentation: You must not forget to do proper documentation of the wreck and also get hold of all documents ( like insurance) from the other vehicle driver. Clear your head and try to recollect and note down all details about the crash.
  • Don’t lose your cool: A car collision is an unpleasant event. But it’s not a good idea to lose your cool, particularly towards the other driver.
  • Don’t  forget to call the police: Do apprise police immediately after the crash. Let them document details of the event. This helps take care of situations like the errant party not having insurance or wanting to press legal charges. Police can provide proof on your behalf.
  • Don’t leave the scene: Do not attempt to leave the accident site quietly without reporting to the police, documenting the details of the event , and not helping injured parties. You could get booked for misdemeanor or even a felony. For taking care of your vehicle, search for car collision repair shops nearby.

These are some tips for handling a car collision.





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