Better Performance with a Healthy Car Clutch

image here Posted : 02 Aug 2017
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It is not completely true if you think that the clutch in your car is just a pedal next to the brake. It usually consists of a flywheel, clutch disc, bearings, pressure plate and linkage. The clutch disc is a friction disc, which is squeezed in between the clutch pressure plate and the flywheel when the clutch is engaged. This is important in allowing the torque from the engine to be transmitted to the manual transmission system. When the clutch is engaged and gear is applied, power is transmitted from the engine to the site of transmission. When the clutch pedal is pressed, the clutch friction disc is disengaged from the flywheel. This allows shifting of the gear as a result of disengaging of the engine from the transmission.

A damaged or failed clutch shows slip, judder, drag and can be difficult to depress. Some of the common symptoms of clutch failing are:

  • Severe Low-Frequency Vibrations
  • Engine might accelerate without providing a corresponding increase in the speed of the vehicles
  • Burning smell
  • Jolt occurs while shifting gears when the car is moving
  • Car might move when pedal is fully pressed
  • Difficulty in shifting to first gear from neutral and a noise is associated with it.

Even though the engine might ‘rev’, the speed won’t be increased or the car may not move. It is almost impossible to drive with a damaged or failed clutch. Even if the transmission can be put into gear, the damaged clutch disc fails to transmit enough torque or power to move the vehicle.

Clutch repair for your car in MA is done by expert technicians. They inspect the clutch cable and clutch hydraulics initially. Also, they check for shifting problems due to leaking clutch master cylinders, worn out pivot arms or even maladjusted clutch cables. If these conditions are not identified, they remove the transmission and check the clutch, flywheel, and pressure plate for damages. The replacement of clutch is recommended in case the issue is found to be serious. At this point, replacement is done by removing release bearing, clutch, and pressure plate from the engine. New components are installed and assembled. It is important to diagnose any kind of leaks during clutch replacement to avoid recurring problems and expensive future repairs.

It is important to look for incorrect cable adjustment and riding of the clutch to avoid any chances of premature clutch failure. Also, a delayed repair or replacement of your car’s transmission system may cost more than the life of the car. It is always recommended to have a periodic inspection of any damage or leaks in the clutch system, including the hydraulic system to ensure the safety of your car.

 The clutch disc is prone to wear and tear and has to be replaced in time. Car clutch replacement MA doesn’t have any recommend period or mileage, it mainly depends on the vehicle, maintenance and driving conditions. The cost of clutch replacement varies based on the type, make, and model of the car. 





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